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Cynfully Delicious Chocolate


Cyndi is a Functional Nutritional and Lifestyle Practitioner supporting clients to uncover the root causes of their symptoms and make sustainable changes towards the health they desire. Her clients make the food and lifestyle changes for overall health and recognize through their improved energy and well-being that there isn’t any reason to go back to the way they use to eat and live.

To learn more about her Functional Nutrition practice and take the Chakra food mood self-assessment visit:

Cynfully Delicious is a family-owned Colorado based company. Our paleo. vegan. low glycemic products are created without any fillers and 100% organic; non- gmo, grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free, kosher and low glycemic, only 5 grams of all natural sugar, its lightly sweetened with dates and a little maple syrup. Its available in three flavors: almond, coconut, and espresso.

Our products are designed to take out the food irritants that typically aren’t tolerated by compromised digestive systems and bring in the finest ingredients so you can still have delicious healthy snacks without the guilt.

Cyndi was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune's as well as MTHFR, digestive challenges such as parasites, candida, leaky gut and an overgrowth of bacteria, as well as hypoglycemia which caused raging sugar cravings. In 2014 she made a career and life change, studying nutrition while focusing solely on healing her body through food. Since one of her main challenges was sugar cravings, she cut out all refined sugar and needed her snacks lightly sweetened all naturally and free from gluten, grains, eggs, soy, refined sugars and dairy. In her quest to find such products, she decided to start baking her own snacks. As she shared her products with friends and family and got lots of requests to manufacturer, she officially launched her first product in the summer of 2016.
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